Know More About Your Professors

The best of education and beverage, JERRY’s expertise is drawn from a global panel of distinguished professors. Here we share more on some of their recommendations, experiences and likes!

What is your favorite style of wine and why? Where does it originate from? (E.g. Red Wine, White Wine, Rosé Wine, Sparkling Wine, Sweet Wine & Fortified Wine)

Michael Callahan: txakolina - Basque region of Spain - dry white with high acid and slight effervescence. It is remarkably refreshing and fantastic with sardines or cheeses.


Of the following four attributes 1.) creative 2.) active 3.) ready 4.) empathetic, which do you feel is most important in your day to day work? Why?

Micaela Piccolo: Empathy, because it allows you to understand the motivations of others and helps you to find ways that truly connect you to a person or a group of people on a level that builds trust and mutual respect. 


Tell us what is your ideal old fashioned cocktail recipe. What are the steps you go through to make it?

Guillermo Bravo's take on the Old Fashioned Cocktail

  • Demerara Sugar Cube. 6-8 dashes out of the ango bottle.
  • Muddle into paste
  • 75ml Buffalo Trace single barrel.
  • Stir in 3-4 times around on crappy ice.
  • Lemon & Orange Twist.

Share with us a time when a piece of major equipment used in a venue you worked at malfunctioned or broke down. What solution was applied to make up for the shortfall mentioned?

Roman Foltan: Usual story -  Friday night 10pm ice machine malfunctioning, which means busy as hell and no service until Saturday morning - if you lucky!! Obviously barracks didn't realised that the machine is 3/4 empty, we had big event + room was very busy back at Atlas, so no one realise what was going on until I went to pickup some more ice.

We switched off machine, put remaining ice in freezers to keep it cold, had to use all fine ice that is normally for stirred drinks or spirits on ice.

Lesson?? From that day onwards we always kept big backup of ice machine ice in freezer just in case!!"


What is your favorite beverage* recipe? Please provide the specs and method for making this beverage. Lastly, please describe the perfect occasion for enjoying this beverage.

Bobby Carey: Whisky Highball. Ingredients are 45ml whisk(e)y and 125ml Singha Soda Water. 

  • Take a chilled collins glass and jigger in some spirit
  • Fill the glass to the brim with ice
  • Top with soda water leaving a decent wash line
  • Put a barspoon in and give a quick 5 revolutions
  • Squeeze a lemon wedge over the top

It can be enjoyed at any time of the day. Great as a refreshing day drink / with a meal / or as a nightcap!

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